JORDI PARELLA - Garbi Hosiery & Underwear, SLU

We are a company of textile distributions, especially of interior clothes. The years that we take in this one business it has given us a very good relation with our manufacturers, thing that allows us to have good products with a relation unsurpassable quality-price like that how to be to the forefront of the last trends.

We want that when you visit and contact us with us you have the total safety of which you treat with serious and professional people.


elga 47 390

Brazilian lace panties elga

Sizes: s-m-l
Colors: assorted ( 6 colors )
morean 63 1602

cotton flower seamless tubular panty

Sizes: m-l-xk
Colors: black/white/skin
saramar 10910

Cuban pants 100% cotton

Sizes: s-m-l-xl-xxl
Colors: white / lava / cobalt / navy / khaki / red / black / light gray / sand
kehat 04 854

SEAMLESS cotton boxer children

Sizes: 2/4-6/8-10/12-14/16
Colors: assorted
ysabel mora 4570216

ysabel mora leggint shor cotton

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: black
kumy 92 21427

cotton missmoon woman pyjama

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: unico
joma JS102013

joma cotton elastan pack2 joma

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: assorted
abanderado 49 AS00090

open printed slip 100% cotton

Sizes: M/48 - L/52 - XL/56 - 2XL/60
Colors: assorted
don algodon 39 0072

don algodon cotton pack2 knickers

Sizes: 2/4-6/8-10/12-14/16
Colors: assorted
lieben 1202 alto

scopri 7320 baby boy B

mercerized cotton baby boy socks

Sizes: 19/21-22/24
Colors: assorted
kumy 92 11257

manhattan man cotton pyjama

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: unic
cubre 27005

Sizes: 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16
Colors: white
joma JS102015 ng2

cotton elastan boxer pack2

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: assorted ( blue / green )
pedret 28est-12000

handkerchief box 100% cotton saten

Colors: assorted
don algodon 39pb35

don algodon cotton elastan boxer

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: assorted
joma 19JS1081

tennis sports socks joma

Sizes: 39/42-43/46
Colors: white/assorted

INVISIBLE cotton panty, SUPER soft rubber DON ALGODON

Sizes: M-L-XL
Colors: black/white/skin
scopri 7320 milk

new born socks

Sizes: one size
Colors: assorted
scopri libelula

footie sole 100% cotton silicone side

Sizes: 35/37-38/40
Colors: black/white/scin
avet 58 3367

Avet Rose cotton bikini bottom

Sizes: m-g-eg
Colors: black/white/skin
scopri GOMMONE

footie mercerized cotton seamless with silicon

Sizes: 39/42-43/46
Colors: black/white/skin