JORDI PARELLA - Garbi Hosiery & Underwear, SLU

We are a company of textile distributions, especially of interior clothes. The years that we take in this one business it has given us a very good relation with our manufacturers, thing that allows us to have good products with a relation unsurpassable quality-price like that how to be to the forefront of the last trends.

We want that when you visit and contact us with us you have the total safety of which you treat with serious and professional people.


elga 475900

top seamless silicone strap

Sizes: one size
Colors: assorted/black/white/skin
tersura 672144

teen-ager set

Sizes: 80-85
Colors: unic
Pure cotton 21100

kids slip PURE COTTON

Sizes: 2-4/4-6/6-8/8-10/10-12
abanderado 49ASA06JJ

long boxer 4D FLEX

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: dark grey / azul ocean
pedret 28600-3

man kitchen aprons 100% cotton

Colors: assorted
pedret 28133

chasuble braces

Sizes: unic
Colors: assorted
umbro 73umbu09

sneacker socks umbro

Sizes: 39/42-43/46
Colors: black/white/assorted
maper 501240

Modelling and contenitive shorts whith elastan

Sizes: 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14
Colors: skin and alabaster
Unno Dim 49005dz

seamless micro woman slip vit bassa

Sizes: S/M-L/X
Colors: new skin/new skin - black/black-violet/parma-petroleo/eclypse
blue bull 73bbxu84

GYM socks unixsex 80%CO 18%PA 2%EA

Sizes: 35/38-39/42-43/46
Colors: assorted
blue bull 73bbxu86

BIKE MICROLON socks 74%PA 17%CO 7%EL 2%EA

Sizes: 35/38-39/42-43/46
Colors: assorted
blue bull bbu069

sport footir cotton blue bull

Sizes: 35/38-39/42-43/46
Colors: black/white/skin/assorted
scopri 73mira

lace footsocks scopri

Sizes: 35/37-38/40
Colors: black/white/skin

Sock smooth short scopri 80% lisle thread

Sizes: S/M-L/XL
Colors: black, blue, anthracite, white, classic assortment, assorted pastel
los vengadores 62ER3082

LOS VENGADORES cotton slip pack-3

Sizes: 2/3-4/5-6/8
Colors: assorted
morean 636350n

Short Sleeve V-neck and

Sizes: 52,56,60
Colors: black
royal i04418085

Leggings micro160 den, with silver flowers ankle, made in microfibre and elastane

Sizes: S/ M – L/XL
Colors: Nero, Cobalto, Viola, Corallo, Emerald
elga 47245

matenity bra

Sizes: 90 a 110B i 90a 105c
Colors: black/white/skin
elga 815+205

bra push up + basilian brief soft system

Sizes: bra ( 80/85/90/95/100) brasilian( m-g-sg-ssg)
Colors: skin, black, white
mandarina 114010

ten ager set

Sizes: 70/75
Colors: unic
morean 636100

man shirt Empire

Sizes: 48-52-56-60-64
Colors: white
minnie 62ER3069

minnie knickers pack-3

Sizes: 2/3-4/5-6/8
Colors: assorted

now, we are boxers distributors too

Sizes: exclusives socks
Colors: now boxers
scopri GOMMONE

footie mercerized cotton seamless with silicon

Sizes: 39/42-43/46
Colors: black/white/skin
impure 06800

printed cotton pack3 slip

Sizes: m-l-xl-2xl-3xl
Colors: assorted
naiara 552001

shirt strap width

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: black/white/skin
scopir 7318vega

footsocks lace scopri

Sizes: 36/38-39/41
Colors: black/white/skin
lady bug 62hq3107

lady bug knickers pack-3

Sizes: 2/3-4/5-6/8
Colors: assorted
impure 06802

plain cotton slip pack3

Sizes: m-l-xl-2xl-3xl
Colors: assorted
morean 639100

Mrs. T. Applique wide strip

Sizes: 48-52-56-60
Colors: white
mandarina 11329

pack2 knickers printed cotton /elastan

Sizes: 2/4-6/8-10/12-14/16
Colors: blue assorted
fv 39bc77

cotton-elastan boxer FV

Sizes: m-l-xl-xxl
Colors: assorted

DEODORANT Invisible sock cotton smooth DERMOCELL

Sizes: S/M-L/XL
Colors: white, black
naiara intimitats

all collection

Sizes: stock service
Colors: oficial distributors
scopri 73gianna

tie scopri socks

Sizes: 2/4-6/8
Colors: white
bellafonte classic line i2015 GEORGETTE 20

20 den silky elasticized tights 6.6, with reinforced panty, with gusset, ironed. Composition: 90% Nylon, 10% Elastane GEORGETTE 20

Sizes: 3-4-5
Colors: Nero Daino Bronzo Cappuccio Naturel
dim unno 49005h1

slip cotton strech x2 dim basic

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: blue antracita/violet-rouge/noir-blue lagune/noir
Naiara 55695

Naiara printed cotton panty pack

Sizes: 10/12-14/16
Colors: assorted
naturana 8135396

naturana bra c cup

Sizes: eu 85-90-95-100-105 esp 100-105-110-115-120
Colors: skin/black
bellafonte classic line i2032 SUNFLOWER 10

10 den silky, elasticized tights 6.6, sheer throughout, cotton gusset, flat seam, with reinforced strip, ironed 86% Nylon, 14% Elastane SUNFLOWER 10

Sizes: 3-4 -4xl
Colors: Crusca Daino Nero Naturel Bronzo
demar 857555204

teen ager set demar

Sizes: 75/80/85
Colors: unic
playtex 494183

24 hours bra by playtex cup b/c

Sizes: 90-95-100-105
Colors: black/white/skin
scopri pavel

Scorpi sock cotton-elastane, hand overlock

Sizes: only
Colors: black and assortment
blue bull 73bb-sl-1p


Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL
Colors: assortedq
NO PUBLIK 721-484-11

rugby ball no publik printed socks

Sizes: 39/42-43/46
Colors: INIC
blue bull 73bbux27

yoga socks 40%PL 35%CO 20%PA 5%EA

Sizes: 35/38-39/42-43/46
Colors: assorted
umbro 59ubc058

umbro fashion boxer short

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: assorted
naiara 55780

Basic pack cotton bikini Naiara

Sizes: one size
Colors: white, earth and black
no publik 721-54-384

printed boxer micro california coast

Sizes: s-m-l-xl
Colors: unic
naiara 55219

reinforced brief woman lace

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: white, sand, black,saddle brown, light yellow
fv 39bc78

cotton elastan boxer short FV

Sizes: m-l-xl-xxl
Colors: assorted
fv 39sc78

cotton elastan slip FV

Sizes: m-l-xl-xxl
Colors: assorted
naiara 55136

pack naiara low lace bikini

Sizes: one size
Colors: white, black earth and filled