JORDI PARELLA - Garbi Hosiery & Underwear, SLU

We are a company of textile distributions, especially of interior clothes. The years that we take in this one business it has given us a very good relation with our manufacturers, thing that allows us to have good products with a relation unsurpassable quality-price like that how to be to the forefront of the last trends.

We want that when you visit and contact us with us you have the total safety of which you treat with serious and professional people.


FV 39bn-19

FV boxer kids cotton elastan

Sizes: 0/2-4/6-8/10-12/14-16/18
Colors: assorted
scopri 73fruE

pack3 baby scopri socks

Sizes: unic
Colors: assorted
jayo 243327

coralina lady gown

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: unic
royal all season i6666

Oversized Fishnet Ankle Socks royal

Sizes: unic
Colors: black
santoro Gorjuss 8050676

santoro Gorjuss girl pyjama

Sizes: 6-8-10-12-14-16
Colors: unic
santoro Gorjuss 8050726

santoro Gorjuss woman pyjama

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: unic
morean 638200

tie thermal woman thewrmal t-shirt

Sizes: 48/52/56/60
Colors: white
scopri tibet

leggin man themal scopri

Sizes: s/m-m/l-l/xl
Colors: black
umbro umbu05

quarter cotton umbro

Sizes: 39/42-43/46
Colors: black/white/assorted
pedret 28133

chasuble braces

Sizes: unic
Colors: assorted
scopri 7317cartoon

warm cotton boy scopir socks

Sizes: 23/28-29/34-35/40
Colors: assorted
NO PUBLIK 721-484-19

black flowers printed no publik socks

Sizes: 39/42-43/46
Colors: unic
naiara 55140

thin lace thong pantyhose naira

Sizes: m-l
Colors: black/white/skin/assorted
scopri 7317sally

warm cotton girl scopri socks

Sizes: 23/28-29/34-35/40
Colors: assorted
scopri 7317 basic


Sizes: unic
Colors: black
pedret 28est-12000

handkerchief box 100% cotton saten

Colors: assorted
demar 857555204

teen ager set demar

Sizes: 75/80/85
Colors: unic
ruiperez 0316519

cotton mens pyjama

Sizes: m-l-xl-xxl
Colors: grey/navy
blue bull bbu04


Sizes: 39/42 -42/44-45/47
elga 47240

maternity bra

Sizes: 90 a 110B and 90a 105c
Colors: black/white/skin
scopri 7317ferrara

hot cotton mans socks scopir

Sizes: unica
Colors: assorted
posets 223511

miss posets hot woman socks

Sizes: unic
Colors: assorted
morean 636300

white short-sleeved shirt without plush

Sizes: 52/56/60/64
Colors: white

now, we are boxers distributors too

Sizes: exclusives socks
Colors: now boxers
royal termic action i4063

Royal Bellafonte thermal panty 300 den, 97% polyamide 3% elastane

Sizes: 2-3-4
Colors: black and brown
scopri 7317balu

children abs scopri socks

Sizes: 23/28-29/34
Colors: assorted
ruiperez 0316553

cotton woman pyjama

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: unic
NO PUBLIK 721-484-18

palm graph no publik printed socks

Sizes: 39/42-43/46
Colors: unic

seamless thermal cotton 200 neddels scopri

Sizes: s/m-l/xl
Colors: black/classic assorted/soft assorted
scopri 7317heart

abs womn socks

Sizes: unic
Colors: assorted
dim unno 49005h1

slip cotton strech x2 dim basic

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: blue antracita/violet-rouge/noir-blue lagune/noir
naiara intimitats

all collection

Sizes: stock service
Colors: oficial distributors
scopir 7317treviso

thermal cotton fashion scopri socks

Sizes: unic
Colors: assorted
no publik 721-54-384

printed boxer micro california coast

Sizes: s-m-l-xl
Colors: unic
scopri 7317jodies

fashion hot cotton scopri socks

Sizes: unic
Colors: black
blue bull 73bb-sl-1p


Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL
Colors: assortedq
bh pijama 4441326

coralina womaN PYJAMA

Sizes: s-m-l-xl
Colors: unic
Unno 49101

Boxer microfiber without seams Unno

Sizes: S/M-L/XL
Colors: assorted
morean 631040gs

thermal cotton long boxer

Sizes: 52/56/60/64
Colors: grey