JORDI PARELLA - Garbi Hosiery & Underwear, SLU

We are a company of textile distributions, especially of interior clothes. The years that we take in this one business it has given us a very good relation with our manufacturers, thing that allows us to have good products with a relation unsurpassable quality-price like that how to be to the forefront of the last trends.

We want that when you visit and contact us with us you have the total safety of which you treat with serious and professional people.


kumy 9221380

kumy luna cotton woman pyjama

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: unic
scopri 7319coco A

footie with silicone

Sizes: 23/28-29/34-35/38
Colors: assorted
nottingham 84tv80

cotton elastan t-shirt neck V nottingham

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: black/white/assorted ( black-grey-navy)
kehat 043/247

bra set KEHAT

Sizes: 80-85
Colors: unic
bon nen 19227

jumosuit strap printed

Sizes: 1m/3m/6m/12m
Colors: unic
blue bull 73bbux27

yoga socks 40%PL 35%CO 20%PA 5%EA

Sizes: 35/38-39/42-43/46
Colors: assorted
kappa 1650873

cotton elastan boxer kappa

Sizes: m-l-xl-xxl
Colors: assorted
scopri boeing

Scopri sock 100% cotton mercerized

Sizes: 40/41-42/43-44/45
Colors: black/white/blue/soft assorted/calssic assorted
pedret 28600-3

man kitchen aprons 100% cotton

Colors: assorted
scopri mela

footie silicone unisex scopri

Sizes: 2/4-6/8-10/12
Colors: black/femina/maschio
abanderado 49048U

pack 3 estilo cotton boxer abanderado

Sizes: m-g-eg
Colors: assorted
scori 7319 happy b

fashion cotton unisex scopri socks

Sizes: 35/38-39/42-43/46
Colors: assorted
naturana 8135596

bra naturana print c cup

Sizes: eu 85-90-95-100-105 esp 100-105-110-115-120
Colors: unic
umbro umbu05

quarter cotton umbro

Sizes: 35/40-40/46
Colors: black/white/assorted
tersura 672147

tersura tennager set

Sizes: 80-85
Colors: unico
scopri 73ass001

cotton elastsan boxer scori ass001

Sizes: s-m-l-xl
Colors: assorted
nottingham VL4311

100% combed cotton wide shoulder shirt

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: black/white
maper 5019

Modelling and contenitive shorts whith elastan

Sizes: 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13
Colors: skin and alabaster

cotton elastan boxer DON ALGODON

Sizes: m-l-xl
NATURANA 8186545

100% short bra

Sizes: 80-85-90-95-100
Colors: skin
scopri mira

foottie blonda scopri

Sizes: 35/37-38-40
Colors: black/white/skin
naiara 55608

Braga niña stamped Naiara

Sizes: 2/4-6/8-10-12/14-16
Colors: assorted stamped
scopri sanisan

medical seamless socks

Sizes: s/m - l/xl
Colors: calssic/soft/black
scopri 7319 happy C

fashion cotton unisex scopri socks

Sizes: 35/38-39/42-43/46
Colors: assorted
kumy 9211231

look up man cotton pyjama

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: unic
tersura 672160

teen ager set

Sizes: 80-85
Colors: unic

cotton elastan slip DON ALGODON

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: assorted
scopri casual P

casual P socks

Sizes: one size
Colors: assorted
kehat 04top

top cotton set KEHAT

Sizes: 10/12-14/16
Colors: white/nude
morean 636100 gris

underwear tops inner cotton mens tank top 100% cotton grey

Sizes: 48/52/56/60/64
Colors: grey
scopri baby traforato

traforato baby socks scopri

Sizes: 16/18-19/21-22/24
Colors: white/blue/assorted
ysabel mora 4517392

yoga socks

Sizes: 36-41/41-46
Colors: grey/black
naiara 55628

printed cotton pack2 girl brief

Sizes: 0/1-2/4-6/8-10/12-14/16
Colors: assorted
blue bull 73bbxu86

BIKE MICROLON socks 74%PA 17%CO 7%EL 2%EA

Sizes: 35/38-39/42-43/46
Colors: assorted
scopri casual H

casul H scopri socks

Sizes: one size
Colors: assorted
slip fv 39sn21

cotton elastan kids slip

Sizes: 0-2/4-6/8-10/12-14/16-18
Colors: assorted
demar 8569821

cotton bra

Sizes: p-m-g
Colors: grey/white
naiara 552001

shirt strap width

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: black/white/skin
bellafonte classic line i4007 DANDY MICRO 60

60 den microfibre knee-high, 6.6, opaque matt elasticized, with elasthan, ironed. Composition: 96% Nylon, 4% Elastane. DANDY MICRO 60

Sizes: one size
Colors: Nero Fumo Moro Daino Blu
morean 636300

white short-sleeved shirt without plush

Sizes: 52/56/60/64
Colors: white
braguita 06101

printed cotton elastan girls slip

Sizes: 0/2-2/4-6-8/10-12
Colors: assorted
nottingham 8418240

notingham fashion cotton elastan boxer

Colors: assorted
elga 47270

cotton sport bra

Sizes: 80B/85B/90B/95B/100B/105B
Colors: black/white/skin/vigoré grey
LOL se8042

lol knickers 100% cotton

Sizes: 5/6+7/8+9/10
Colors: assorted

panty shaper with a seam elastan

Sizes: 95-100-105-110-115-120
Colors: terra/viso
elga 880+205

bra push up + minishort microfibra soft system

Sizes: bra ( 80/85/90/95/100) + minishort ( s-m-l)
Colors: skin, black, white
bellafonte classic line i2001 FUXIA 20

Sizes: 3-4-5xl
Colors: nero daino bronzo
morean 639300n

Vest strap width cotton

Sizes: 48-52-56-60
Colors: black
modal fresco

royal 0441/8089

Leggings micro160 den - printed royal

Sizes: s/m - l/xl
Colors: nero fumo urano
blue bull bbu62


Sizes: 39/42 -42/44-45/47
nottingham 8417355

cotton elastan boxer fashion nottingham

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: assorted
playtex 494183

24 hours bra by playtex cup b/c

Sizes: 90-95-100-105
Colors: black/white/skin
fv 39bc81

cotton elastan boxer shorts fv bc81

Sizes: m-l-xl-xxl
Colors: assorted
scopri messi

Scopri cotton sock with ribbed

Sizes: only
Colors: Classic black and assortment
Blue bull 73 bb-slf-1p

cotton elastan printed slip HIGH QUALITY BLUE BULL

Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL
Colors: assorted
no publik 721-54-355

fores space boxer short

Sizes: S-M-L-XL
Colors: unic
naiara 55200


Sizes: M - L- XL
Colors: white-black-Skin-assorted summrt
naiara 55780

Basic pack cotton bikini Naiara

Sizes: one size
Colors: white, earth and black
naiara 55139

naiara polyamide shorts with lace

Sizes: one size
Colors: white, black earth and assortment
naiara 55109

poliamide woman

Sizes: m-l
Colors: skin/black
naiara bordado banda licra

naiara 55018

Brazilian thong invisible tulle embroidery

Sizes: m-l
Colors: black/white/skin
unno dim 49005dw

cotton strech woman

Sizes: 36/38-40/42-44/46
Colors: new skin/new skin - black/black-violet/parma-petroleo/eclypse
ELGA 479090

tanga efect brief

Sizes: m-g-sg
Colors: skin, black, white
elga 478012

microfibra underants

Sizes: m-l-xl
Colors: assorted